ex indumentis

of the Venerable Servant of God

Cardinal Van Thuân

The veneration of relics is an expression of faith in the communion of saints and their intercession. “Private devotion”, therefore, does not exist. “Personal” devotion must be the expression of an authentic Christian life, it ought to help the growth of faithfulness to the Gospel, accompany the sacramental life and the listening to the Word of God, encouraging and supporting brotherly love. Moreover, it implies getting to know in depth the life and spirituality of the Servants of God, the Blessed and the Saints.

The Postulation Office for the Cause of Beatification of the Venerable Servant of God, Cardinal Van Thuân, is allowed to send relics ex indumentis to anyone making their request for personal devotion.

A letter of request is required from the anyone asking for relics, sent by ordinary mail service, (e-mails are not accepted), with a declaration or the “nulla osta” (clearance) signed by the parish priest or the Ordinary of the Diocese (Superior, Vicar General or Bishop) attached to the request. Simple requests are not taken into consideration.

Packaging and shipment of the relics imply a cost, therefore anyone who has the possibility and wishes to send a donation it will be used to support the expenses of the Beatification costs.

Requests must be addressed to:

Causa del Venerabile Servo di Dio Cardinale Van Thuân

c/o Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development

00120 – Vatican City

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